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Instagram vs Design Aesthetic

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Is the neutral all white instagram look a trend?

Welcome to my house while it was for sale. Have you ever put your house up for sale? If you have you know that the realtor will ask for it to be staged. As you stage your home you remove any relic that resembles your family. And you have to keep it clean.... Like really clean.

No items on the football field sized island that is usually littered with household clutter.

No items in the house that could be considered offensive.

No pictures of our faces.

No clutter. (period)

There is not even a coaster on the coffee table. The dog bed and my colorful Turkish velvet pillows are stored away.

“Does this neutral look appeal to everyone?”

YESSS....It allows the blogger/ the designer/ to stand out in their space and creates content while they sensationalize themself as the center of the space. It allows people to visualize themselves in the depersonalized spaces. Just like the realtor says, they can focus on the space and not on all of the objects in the house. If it looks too much like your home and not their home they won't buy it.

How does the blogger aesthetic Differ from the design client aesthetic?

Design clients don't need to (swipe up) the items in their home. They want items that they have collected in their lives. They want one of a kind things that they don't see in other peoples homes. They want a unique home that is unique to their lives.

Design clients have children, dogs, busy lives and expectations. The primary person responsible for the house typically has built or designed a home in their life. Design clients understand that it can be too taxing to keep up with lighter objects and fabrics that don't hold up well.

I believe that your home should be more personal like your closet. You should get naked in a bed room that has a wall color that complements your skin. The colors in your office should look great against your work clothes. If you plan to have a dinner party in the home your lighting and wallpaper should be part of the flavor of your home and aesthetic.

But, we all live in a different online world, and if you are a blogger hoping to sell you next outfit you will need white walls and surrounded by simple materials. Its a business decisions that they need to make. Do they get the decisions to take away from the clothes and items they hope to sell?

I like spaces that have rich colors and contrast. I remember the 90's when everything was white. It was the followed up by a desire for countertops that hid crumbs and brown chenille sofas the color of dirt. So yea, we are tired of dirt colored items and we want things that look clean and bright.

When we get out of our homes more (after Quarantine) and spend more time living our lives than photographing it. People will move back to lower maintenance less staged and appeal to the masses houses and more lived in homes.

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