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How to get cohesive design

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Follow this Golden rule for professional looking cohesive Design

Each time you look at a holiday photo keep in mind this is the same rule that can be used for family photo outfits. This system works just as easily for holiday card outfits as it does for a room.

“Start with one complex pattern and multi-color base fabric, then work from there.”

Select the most complex fabric to establish the color palette of the room

This is how you borrow the expertise and experience of the textile designer right into your design. You are guaranteed a custom and professional looking color palette. Pull fabrics or paint colors to coincide with the original item. Look for patterns that compliment the original fabric. They should be different sizes and shapes than the primary fabric. A similar sized or shaped pattern will not compliment the original fabric. Look for textures, stripes dots small patterns like shown below.

Stick to the rule. You can pull tile, paint colors, countertops, rugs, or art and use this exercise to gain confidence in your ability to pull together materials.

It will create a fail-proof high-end color profile and give you great boundaries for what you can or cannot use in the room.

Try it for these rooms:

Family room: Start with a rug

Kitchen: Start with the countertop material

Bathroom: Start with the wallpaper or art

Bedroom: Start with the bedding or draperies

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